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What is the purpose of open tipped bras?
Ok so I know I'm going to get some really stupid answers for this one, but I'm serious about this question. What is the purpose of open tipped bras? Is the only purpose to look sexy? Also are they supposed to look good with clothes on or clothes off? Thanks
Dual purposes, I suppose. A lover who sees the breast well supported and the nipple showing might find that sexy. I understand that the friction of your exposed nipples against your clothing is supposed to feel sexy as well.

All my bras are closed.
Do I have to sell bras if I open and upscale lingerie boutique?
I am a designer and I am going to open an upscale lingerie boutique and did not want to get into the bra fitting business. I am goint to sell night gowns, camisoles, underpants etc. but did not want to sell bras. Is it a good idea?
I don't think so.
If I went into a lingerie boutique, I'd want to see bra's, I mean it's the most profitable business in lingerie. Plus, I wouldn't return to a place if they just sold nice underwear, but I would 100% go back if I could rely on them for nice and sexy bra's.

Hope I help!
What are open lace bras for?
I've seen some of them recently in the internet but i don't really understand why people need it if it doesn't actually cover nipples.
its to look sexy, they are for show not coverage
Should they open a store in the mall that sells bras and panties for men?
Just curious because I know a lot of married men are very kinky.
I would love that! I'm not into wearing bra's, just panties. I don't think it would last very long as it would require lots of guys to come out of the closet. But I would shop their.
Are bookshops in bras basah open on Sundays?
And most probably what are the opening hours? :)
Yes, they are open on Sundays. Opening hours there are around 10am - 8/9pm, but most only fully open at about 10:30am.
Who makes the most comfortable open tip bra?
Looking for an open tip bra for my wife, she is a 34 B. I am looking for a good fitting, open tip for smaller breasts. Any sugestions
I would recommend a softer stretchier fabric in a fine mesh, satin or silk. Silk especially - women love it because it's a luxurious fabric and feels wonderful on their skin (and yours too ;) For more information on choosing open tip bras and open lingerie see:……
What kind of bra can be worn with open backed dress?
There's this really cute dress (i think it's cute!). I want it for my eighth grade graduation, but it has a partially open back (the open part is shaped like an oval) the opening is exactly where my bra strap would be, are there any bras without straps that would still stay on.

Another problem is it can't be a padded bra.

Thanks! Please help!
do a search for a "backless convertible bra" where you can pull the strap down so it cant been seen
My husband tried to open my bra from the front on 2 separate recent occasions?
and i was very surprised because i do not own an open closure bra..never! i questioned him and he said it just looks like one...(which it didn'tt) should i be suspicious?
I agree with Craig. If there are other signs, then, maybe there is something to worry about.

But if the bra thing is your only reason, let it go.

I would think what it Really is, is that he is dropping the hint that he finds front-snap bras sexy.

Maybe go buy one or two and wear them just for him? even if you don't find them comfortable ... it might be a nice thing to do for him if that is what he likes - right?

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