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What are some cute nicknames I can give my girlfriend?
She calls me 'munchkin' - the first time she called me it it made me laugh like crazy. I want to give her an equally funny and cute nickname - can anyone think of any? I already call her 'cutie booty' (cos of her lovely butt) but I want to have more nicknames I can call her by.
darlin, hunnie, babe, booski, wifey , love,
What does it mean when a girl says this to a guy?
im in college and met this girl for the first time at a party, shes a year older than me and she says "your such a cutie" and then pinches my cheeks and calls me "her pumpkin pie" then later she whispered in my ear "all the guys here are really lame except for you cutie" and like grabs my butt area and gives me this really seducing look like she wanted me to kiss her. I wasn't sure if she though i was like puppy dog cute or if she really liked me, what do you think?
its a flirt man, I've had many girls do they and yea some will think your cute and some will do a cutesy flirt thing. I say make a move bud.
How do you turn pictures into letters?
for example:
Assuming you use a layer-based photo editing program, like Photoshop:
1. Load an image
2. Create a new layer, fill it with white
3. Put black text on top of the white layer
4. Change the layer's blending mode to "additive" - the white areas will be white, and the black will show through to the original image.

You can also use the text as a mask directly, but that's more than what you need for something this simple.
Does any one know were u can get cutie plus size teen Halloween costumes? ?
Idk wat i want to be for Halloween so i just want to see some cutie outfits that would be cutie on me her is wat i look like i have light brown skin, micros , i have big thighs and hips a medium sized butt not big though but medium sized have almond shape eyes a beauty mark on my check and on my chin arched eye brows a big bust and a lil belly fat so help me find a out fit that would be me
Think has a pretty good selection of plus size costumes. They have measurements on all of them too just in case. :)
Is Somebody Pinching or Slapping Someone's Butt Grounds For Sexual Harassment?
If one is at work and one of the co-workers walks by and says "hey cutie" and they pinch or lightly slap your butt while walking; is that sexual harassment?
Before you sue, make sure that you inform the no-good - in no uncertain terms- that such behavior is unwelcome. If he does not stop, take it to the supervisor - or sue -, don't even think twice.
LGBT: Ladies, how do you like your women? Flatish, curvy, chunky, or other (explain)?
MP: Boobs - big, average, or small?
MP2 : Butt - Cutie little patooty or a great big handful?
MP3: Tickling or spanking?
MP: Boobs - big, average, or small? average,dont really care.
MP2 : Butt - Cutie little patooty or a great big handful? dont care.
MP3: Tickling or spanking? tickling for sure.
My girlfriend has a cute as a button bubble bum but she wants a big sloppy Jlo butt instead. What do I do?
She's even eating junk food to get more junk in the trunk but if she loses that shapely apple I may have to leave her. I don't want to be shallow but I just like her as she is with her tight little cutie patootie, How can I convince her to not change?
I have the same problem with my girlfriend. I get really upset because I love her the way she is and shes always talking about what she doesnt like about her self. Just keep on encouraging her, you know tell her you like her the way she is and just keep on drilling it in her head. But understand that what matters is how she feels on the inside. Think about something you dont like and everyone else does, no matter what people say, you might not change your opinion.
Wanna B A cUTIE wITH a Bigger Booty?
Ok some im kinda skinny and my butt and about average but i want to make it bigger any suggestions how? i also used 2 b n athketics n skool but i quit so i could gain wait to get a bigger butt..should i have done dis
lunges and squats. Handsdown will make you butt look better. Quiting sports to look a certain way is just dumb. Sports will keep you in shape and your butt looking better. Get a big booty cuz ur in shape not cuz ur fat and its just bigger.
Are you sick of Bridget and her whining?
Was it her fault for treating Sandy so bad. she should kissed her butt until the baby was born, but no she is so insecure, do you think she will be like her mother and make it with Cutie PIE?
Im sick of her whiney she has no right to blame Nick' Sandy or anyone else she Hounded Sandy Day in & Day Out [A DR for goodnest sake /Hounding a [Pregnant woman] If anyones to blame it her.
Cutie high school senior style?
I'm an teaching assistant at a private high school, and the beginning of every year we usually have theme days on friday to take the bite off of starting school again. The first friday is gender-bender day, where everyone dresses as the other gender.

Most of the other teachers that participate come in as teachers, but I thought it would be cool to pretend to be one of the students, and a cute one at that.

I have no clue what to wear or how to act that day. Points are awarded to the classes with the best participation so I'd like to do my best to look and act like a girly high school girl.

I'm 5 foot 5, 120 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes. I don't mind going out and buying anything or going to a salon or whatever. I still don't know what I have to do to pull this off. I kinda have a girl butt so I know that helps, and my hair has grown out for winter down to my shoulders.

Send me some links and tips about how I can go in on friday. Any ideas on how to act would be appreciated as well. Thanks a lot! The cuter and more natural I can look and act the better.
dude y do u always post these u do like every week but about sumthing different that involves cross dressing go look at ur guy porn and shut up cause ur a ******* wierd cross dressing pedophile

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